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Synchroarts Revoice Pro 3

Revoice Pro automatically time-aligns and tunes existing double tracks and ADR, or creates double tracks with astonishing speed, accuracy and quality. What's more, you control the tightness of the time and pitch corrections. You'll save hours of manual editing.

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What Revoice Pro Can Do For You Tighten the timing, pitch and vibrato of “stacked” lead and backing vocals or instrumental tracks. Create one or more realistic double tracks from a single input track. Modify signal timing and pitch manually with the fastest and easy-to-use graphic interface. Lip-sync dialogue (ADR) and vocals by the same or different performers, even when there are noisy guide tracks. Change the inflection in dialog (ADR, voice-overs etc.) with the desired Guide pattern provided by recording the director or dialog editor.



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