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Download Code for a perfectly curated collection of the finest vintage preamps ever made, reborn as software plugins. To register your software, Create an account at www.arturia.com/register, and use the purchased code to register and download your product.

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There are a bewildering number of effects out there. Some you’ll love, others you’ll use a few times until something new comes along. Some are simply no use at all.


We wanted to create a small, carefully curated collection of great sounding plugins that you can rely on. A few effects that would integrate perfectly with your setup, and empower your creativity. 3 Plugins You’ll Actually Use.

In this bundle, you’ll have access to the worlds’ finest and most sought-after hardware emulations: 1973-Pre, TridA-Pre, and V76-Pre.


Not only will these plugins offer the tonal character shared by countless chart hits and historic tracks and albums, we have also enhanced them with contemporary features.


Inspired on the pioneering work of audio engineering visionary Rupert Neve, the Arturia 1973-Pre is the key to getting that harmonically exciting, solid-state 70s tone.

For years, top producers have coveted the sound of the venerable 1073. Now - through the power of Arturia’s advanced TAE® modelling - you too can add that harmonically rich, classic tone within your DAW.

Devised by visionary electronics engineer and pro audio legend Rupert Neve, the 1073 preamp became a staple of the world’s top studios, and added its unique tonal flavor to countless hits. It was a revolution in 1970, pioneering the use of reliable high-efficiency transistors to replace the temperamental vacuum tube technology of the time. The sound of the preamp became an instant hit with record producers, sound engineers, and artists the world over, cementing the 1073’s place in music history.

Continuing that revolution, using their exclusive TAE® technology, Arturia have recreated this phenomenal piece of music production history. Capturing and recreating its distinct musical color, its pleasing analog distortion, and its sweet-sounding tone controls, you’ll be able to start your virtual signal chain with one of the best sounding pres ever created.


For decades, the concept of pop music was synonymous with Trident Studios, the pioneering facility in the heart of London’s Soho district.

Their client list reads like a who’s who of pop: The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie, the Bee Gees, Genesis, Frank Zappa, Joe Cocker, Kiss, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Marc Almond, Soft Cell, Queen, the Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Tina Turner, T-Rex, and Yes.

At the heart of the studio’s sound was the Trident A Range console. It became so well known for its gorgeous, musical EQ and the full, rich tone it imparted soon, studios around the world were placing orders for an A Range of their own. Although only 13 were ever made, they created a legacy that continues to this day.

Now, thanks to Arturia’s groundbreaking True Analog Emulation® technology, you too can experience the incredible sound-shaping power of the legendary Trident A Range preamp and EQ.


The key to getting that “White Album” sound, these reinvented German engineered, tube-driven broadcast preamps were beloved by Abbey Road.

From its broadcast origins to its use on some of the best-selling, most enduring records of all time, the V76 preamp has played a pivotal supporting role in the story of pop music.

Loved by the engineers and technicians at Abbey Road, and incorporated into their iconic REDD mixing consoles, the V76 Coveted for that “White Album” sound, every major studio in the world wanted a piece of the action, and tens of thousands of Telefunken preamps were created to meet the demand.

These days, due to scarcity and cost, it’s practically impossible for most musicians and producers to pick up one of these legendary preamps. In the same way Arturia built its reputation on recreating legendary, rare synths and keyboards through advanced modelling, we decided to use our TAE® technology to give everyone the chance to experience that legendary V76 sound.

By studying its sound and design, right down to the subtleties of each electronic component, we have created a virtual preamp that brings quintessential vintage tone to a whole new generation of musicians.

Now, with Arturia’s 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use, you can enjoy the subtle, and not-so-subtle sound of the greatest mixing consoles, channel strips, and preamps of all time


  • Features:


  • 1973-Pre: Based on the pioneering work of audio engineering visionary Rupert Neve, this Arturia preamp is the key to getting that harmonically exciting, solid-state 70s tone


  • TridA-Pre: Music industry gold-dust, Trident Studios’ ultra-rare preamp and musical EQ added flavor to countless best-selling hits for over half a century


  • V76-Pre: combines the finest German-designed preamp and EQ of the era into one amazing vintage channel strip plugin


  • Arturia’s proprietary technology, TAE®, ensures that each analog modeling filter sounds and behaves exactly like the original


  • Each preamp can be used in your DAW as a VST, AU, AAX plug-in


  • Beautiful, incredibly detailed, high-res interfaces


  • Fast, intelligent, tag-based preset browsing


  • High quality presets from award-winning sound designers





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