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USB-C Audio Interface med 21 x 22 In/Utgångar & Latency fri Lyssning med DSP FX oavsett DAW

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The MBOX is back!
MBOX Studio brings that professional sound and recording power to your personal studio, providing everything you
need to make beats, record, edit, and mix music and audio.

With 21 x 22 simultaneous channels of I/O including four Variable Z mic/line inputs, four additional line inputs, simultaneous stereo
Bluetooth I/O, a Hi Z reamplification out, and more you get incredible production flexibility in a single desktop interface. Its top quality
components, premium audio conversion, and built in real time effects deliver exceptional sound quality and low latency tracking.
And with Pro Tools Studio and MBOX Ignition Pack included, you have a massive collection of tools, instruments, and plugins to get
inspired and easily bring your ideas to life.

Key features and benefits

  • Have everything you need to create, record, edit, and mix studio-quality music and more
  • Get low-latency tracking with built-in real-time effects and DSP-based confidence monitoring
  • Capture and mix sound in pristine quality with premium A/D and D/A conversion
  • Get all the ins and outs you need to connect your gear:
    • 21 x 22 simultaneous I/O at 24-bit/96 kHz audio conversion (10x10 at 176.4/192 kHz)
    • 4 high-quality mic preamps/line inputs with Variable Z (impedance)
    • 2 Variable Z instrument inputs
    • 4 additional line-level inputs
    • 2 impedance-switching effects loops
    • 2-way simultaneous stereo Bluetooth I/O
    • Optical I/O—8-channel ADAT or 2-channel S/PDIF
    • Coax S/PDIF I/O
    • MIDI I/O
    • 2 stereo monitor outputs
    • 1 impedance-matched Hi-Z reamplification output to guitar amp
    • 2 headphone outputs with independent cue mix control
    • 2 footswitch/expression pedal inputs
  • Gain incredible tonal flexibility with Variable Z impedance switching for mics and instruments
  • Simplify monitoring with studio monitor control and integrated talkback
  • Perform frequently used actions fast with a single press using four user-assignable buttons
  • Check mixes in your car, jam with your iPhone, and connect your AirPods with simultaneous stereo Bluetooth I/O
  • Change up your guitar tone post-performance by reamplifying a track to any guitar rig
  • Keep your guitar sounding pitch-perfect with the built-in tuner
  • Capture and mix dialog with other sources for podcasting and live streams with Loopback