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Duesenberg Lapsteel Pomona 6 Yellow Black

Duesenberg Lapsteel Pomona 6 Yellow Black

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Pomona 6 YB

DB-DLS-P6 Yellow Black

Duesenberg är välkända I Lapsteelvärlden, otrolig kvallitet genomtänkt design och försedd med deras egna prisbelönta multibender.

The integrated "Easy-Shift Capodaster" enables you to adapt to key changes with the turn of a thumb-screw. Simply loosen the screw, place the capodaster where you need it and start playing. It also runs on a rail inside the fretboard so you cannot misplace it. It enables freedom of movement between all keys without sacrificing the typical lapsteel riffs and licks that rely on open strings.

A roller nut provides tuning stability, while Duesenberg LittleToaster pickups deliver a clear and powerful sound that goes excellently well with distortion pedals or distorting amps. And the Duesenberg Speed pot controls work with a path of just 70° in order to achieve the lapsteel's typical swelling "wah" effects.

Färg: Gul Svart
Stall: Multibender
Kropp Topp: Korina
Hals Greppbräda: Black Aluminum
Mensur Band: 25,5
Halsmikrofon: LittleToaster
Stallmikrofon: LittleToaster
Mekanik: Duesenberg Z-Tuners