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Duesenberg Gran Majesto Stop Tailpiece Catalina Green

Duesenberg Gran Majesto Stop Tailpiece Catalina Green

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Gran Majesto CTG-S

DB-DM2-CTG-S Catalina Green

Ett majestätiskt instrument i klassisk look med sina dubbla F-hål och transparenta plektrumskydd. Elektroniken gör mer än man tror, gömt under dessa Phonico covers sitter en humbucker och en p90 mikrofon som skär botten på ett mycket behagligt sätt när de kombineras.

The Gran Majesto is a semi-hollow, big body guitar with slim 45mm sides, double F-Holes and a floating transparent pickguard. This all provides the celebrated Duesenberg flexibility from clean to rock tones and even further.

The pickup switch located at the lower cutaway now lets you choose between a full Humbucker and P90 combination, as well as the typical Duesenberg wiring where low-end frequencies are filtered out of the humbucker signal when both pickups are combined. You can also select each one individually, of course.

It comes in three spectacular finishes: Vintage Burst, Cherry Red and Catalina Green (Metallic).

The Gran Majesto comes equipped with our celebrated set of Duesenberg pickups: The GrandVintage Humbucker and the Domino P90.

Both are hidden under our exclusive Phonico pickup covers, our visionary expression of truly independent hardware design. They also prove that nothing really has to stay the same just because it always has been. The inside dimensions are designed to hold most forms of today's pickups, just in case you may want to swap them. We don't think you will.

Färg: Met Catalena Green
Stall: Stop Tailpiece
Kropp Topp: Lönn/Gran
Hals Greppbräda: Lönn/Rosewood
Mensur Band: 25,5"/22
Halsmikrofon: Phonico P90
Stallmikrofon: Phonico GrandVintage
Konstruktion: Limmad hals
Mekanik: Open Z-Tuners