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Duesenberg Fullerton Hollowbody Vintage Burst

Duesenberg Fullerton Hollowbody Vintage Burst

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Fullerton Hlw VB

DB-DCF-VB-HLW Hollowbody Vintage Burst

En fantastiskt vacker dubbel cutaway modell som bygger på samma koncept som Starplayer Tv vad gäller material och elektronik. Namnet är en hommage till orten de flesta anser att elgitarrbygget verkligen startade.

Unusually thin 35mm sides make the big body Fullerton Elite extremely easy to handle on stage. The arched spruce top is combined with bent sides and arched back made from flamed maple and is perfected with a deluxe 5-ply cream binding around the body. As with almost any other Duesenberg, the Elite sports a one-piece neck made from American Hardrock Maple which is fitted with a 12" Rosewood fretboard.

The Elite brings a unique pickup combination, which opens up a new range of Duesenberg driven tone. For the bridge position, we took our GrandVintage Humbucker, giving you great transparency and warmth right out of the case. This pickup is accompanied by our SingleTwin Domino noiseless singlecoil at the neck, providing you with just the right mix of attack and open tone you would expect from a classic P90 type pickup.

Färg: Vintage Burst
Stall: Trapeze Tailpiece
Kropp Topp: Lönn/Gran
Hals Greppbräda: Lönn/Rosewood
Mensur Band: 25,5"/22
Halsmikrofon: Domino P90
Stallmikrofon: Domino P90
Konstruktion: Limmad Hals
Mekanik: Duesenberg Z-Tuners