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Duesenberg Baritone D6 28 Scale Black Sparkle

Duesenberg Baritone D6 28 Scale Black Sparkle

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Baritone 28 BKS

DB-DSP-BKS-D6 Black Sparkle

En solid Starplayer Special med 28 tumsskala. En väldigt responsiv och tydlig barriton gitarr som får vilken produktion som helst att bli större och fetare.

The Baritone D6 is specifically made for the deep tone that baritone instruments are known for. The longer 28" scale combined with our genuine 14/70 baritone strings factory tuned to a low B delivers deep bottom end while still being a breeze to play.

Its Alder body is contoured for premium looks and playability and then fitted with a bolt-on maple neck. This combination presents exceptional sound and clarity which brings sweet thick tones and long sustain. Our bolt on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard deliver a distinctive attack and clarity not usually associated with this body type.

The mounted GrandVintage pickup - in combination with the slightly higher output CrunchBucker - delivers penetrating and powerful rock sound, whereas the Multi-Tone pot extends the possibilities beyond that with several additional singlecoil-like sound options. The Multi-Tone pot enables you to filter specific frequencies out of the pickup signal while also splitting the coils. It operates from a tactile middle stop position of the tone pot giving you both, a regular tone-blend and also a coil-tap.

It comes in a mesmerising BlackSparkle finish.

Färg: Black Sparkle
Stall: Stop Tailpiece
Kropp Topp: Solid Al
Hals Greppbräda: Lönn/Rosewood
Mensur Band: 28"/24
Halsmikrofon: Grand Vintage HB
Stallmikrofon: Crunch Bucker
Konstruktion: Skruvad hals
Mekanik: Z-Tuners Tulip