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Duesenberg Motown Bass Longscale Vintage Orange

Duesenberg Motown Bass Longscale Vintage Orange

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Motown Bass VO

DB-DBM-VO Vintage Orange

Motown basen är en långskalig hollowbody-bas med 3st blade singelcoil pickuper. Designen flirtar ju som oftast hos Duesenberg med Art Deco perioden, Denna bas är väldigt mångsidig och passar lika bra till modern musik som till äldre tongångar.

We have taken the best features of the British and American sounding basses and made an incredible warm semi-hollow bass. The Motown comes with 3 single coil pickups giving you the astonishing tonality of the past 50 years.

Its body is constructed from spruce for the top and flamed maple for the back and bent sides. The top and back are arched just very slightly to give you elegant curves to snuggle with.

The Motown Bass comes in a stunning Vintage Orange finish. A darker stain is applied before the orange color to bring all all the nuances of the fine spruce top.

The Pickguard is made out of elegant vintage pearl and features a master volume and master tone pot, as well as three switches that let you control each pickup individually.

Färg: Vintage Orange
Stall: Trapeze Tailpiece
Kropp Topp: Lönn/Gran
Hals Greppbräda: Lönn/Rosewood
Mensur Band: 34"/20
Halsmikrofon: DS Alnico-Blade SC
Stallmikrofon: DS Alnico-Blade SC
Konstruktion: Limmad Hals
Mekanik: Duesenberg Z-Tuners