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Arturia MicroBrute Creation Edition analog synt


Pint-sized analog monosynth with a huge sound, with CV patchbay and limited edition design

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From one creator to another, MicroBrute Creation features a striking stylized snippet of “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo, one of humanity’s finest works of art, and always at your fingertips, ready to inspire. MicroBrute Creation is a small-format, fully analog synthesizer with 25 keys, an integrated modulation matrix, unique waveshapers, a distinctive, iconic sound, all wrapped up in a bold limited edition look. Designed with synth pioneer Yves Usson, MicroBrute Creation offers huge sound control in an affordable, simple package.

A tiny synth with a monstrous analog sound

Sometimes less is more, and MicroBrute’s single oscillator is packed full of the iconic, instantly recognizable tone that made this affordable little synth a modern classic. Featuring 3 modes including saw, triangle, and square wave, its VCO and sound-shaping stages are all 100% analog, giving you the most authentic, raw tone possible.

Powerful output filter and tone-shaping controls

Hone your tone with the sweet-sounding Steiner-Parker filter, letting you lowpass, bandpass, or highpass your sound to create your ideal patch, or sweep as you play. MicroBrute also features several waveshapers to add different sonic characteristics like ‘metalizer’, ‘ultrasaw’, and ‘pulse width’, as well as a ‘Brute Factor’ control to add some sonic devastation.

Built-in step sequencer

Unheard of in an analog synth at this price, MicroBrute features an 8 pattern, 64 step sequencer to open up new, exciting performance possibilities and fill you with inspiration.

Integrate other synths and modules with the mod matrix

Shape external audio signals through MicroBrute’s synth controls, sync it with your DAW and modular system simultaneously, or hook up the mod matrix to other synth gear to get really experimental.


  • Stunning, inspiring, limited edition design: MicroBrute Creation is here to get noticed, with metallic trim and a striking full-face design, this is the perfect synth to set you aside from the crowd.
  • Pure analog power: MicroBrute features a raw, 100% analog signal path.
  • Steiner-Parker filter: refine MicroBrute’s tone with this sweet-sounding output filter.
  • Simple but versatile: saw, triangle, and square wave VCO modes, and ultrasaw, pulse width, and metalizer waveshapers.
  • Small size: 25 mini-key, velocity sensitive keyboard, and a tiny footprint let this tiny synth fit into any setup.
  • Step sequencer: create animated synth passages as you tweak the sound, with 8 patterns storing up to 64 steps each.
  • Brute Factor: supercharge your sound, and add a dose of dirt.
  • Versatile signal processing: audio in and a modulation matrix let you add a bit of Brute power to anything in your studio..
  • Connect to the world: MIDI in & out, CV / Gate, and USB connectivity ensure you’ll always stay in sync.
  • Rock-solid performance: ships with firmware version 1.0.4 to ensure the best performance ever for this powerful little synth.



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