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Pioneer DDJ-RZX

Fantastisk DJ-kontroll med stöd för video, tre touchscreens och legendariskt ljud!

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The Pioneer DDJ-RZX DJ controller is the new flagship of the extensive DDJ range from leading DJ kit manufacturer - Pioneer DJ. Boasting three 7-inch touch screens and traits from the new NXS2 range the DDJ-RZX also offers native control over the new video Rekordbox DJ Plus Pack.

The DDJ-RZX has been designed to offer users of Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ platform the ultimate hands on control over the key features of the software with a premium four channel mixer and Sound Colour FX lifted straight from the new DJM-900 NXS2.

The inclusion of three, high resolution, seven inch touchscreens provides sharp video previewing and monitoring while using Rekordbox DJ’s new video plus pack with the Pioneer DDJ-RZX. We should point out that the main video output is handled by your MAC or PC and you’ll need a well spec’d computer to handle video mixing – an Intel i7 running at 2.5 GHz or higher is going to be essential.

Rekordbox Video features 20 transition effects for smooth video crossfades with control via Touch FX enabling the user to trace on the display’s X and Y axis. Slideshows can be created in advance or live and there’s Camera FX to ad a live feed from a digital camera connected to the source computer.

In addition to the provision of video mixing the screens also provide a wealth of information for those using the DDJ-RZX as a traditional DJ controller with Rekordbox DJ and the central screen can be used to visually mix with waveforms (in a similar manner to the display offered by the new TOUR range). Audio quality benefits from 96kHz/32-bit digital to analogue conversion handled by an Asahi Kasai converter and the on board USB soundcard delivers powerful high quality sound.
The Pioneer DDJ-RZX offers a familiar layout for users of Pioneer DJ’s CDJ/DJM range with full size CDJ platters, there’s a new crossfader on board which is capable of in excess of 10 million movements and the dual USB ports make DJ transitions seamless.

The main features of the Pioneer DDJ-RZX include:

Layout mirrors a CDJ set-up
Mix audio and videos instinctively with features inherited from the CDJ and DJM series including large jog wheels and multicoloured tactile Performance Pads. The 4-channel controller has an independent sampler section for intuitive control of Beat Sync, Quantize and Trim on the sampler.
High-quality sound
Hear the true sound of your tracks thanks to AC inlets for reduced cable contact resistance and a high performance 96 kHz/32-bit D/A converter made by Asahi Kasai. Plus, low jitter clock IC and the 96 kHz/24-bit USB sound card ensure powerful, high-quality sound.
Three touch screens for complete control
Take your performances to the next level by using the three 7-inch touch screens to preview/monitor video and image files, and to trigger Beat FX and Release FX. Plus, Touch FX lets you add FX and adjust parameters by tracing on the x and y axes on the display. Use deck display mode to check track information such as titles, BPM and key. And use mixer display mode to see enlarged waveforms for each track, as well as loop and Hot Cue information. Create instant doubles by simply touching the display.
Professional Mic section
Hear voices loud and clear thanks to two XLR combo input jacks for Mics. Control the output with the 3-band Mic EQ and use the four Mic FX – Echo, Reverb, Pitch and V Tune – to add texture and to tune each voice.

Extensive FX unit
Add the following FX to your tracks from rekordbox dj or external players and sound sources.
Combo FX – control Sound Colour FX and Beat FX at the same time using the touch screens
Sampler Repeat – change the length of a loop just by touching the display and apply Sound Colour FX when using the rekordbox dj sampler
Sound Colour FX with sub parameter control – use the studio-quality Sound Colour FX from the DJM-900NXS2 mixer including Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise and Space, and fine-tune them using sub parameter control
Release FX – exit complex FX patterns by selecting Vinyl Brake, Echo or Back Spin and twisting the dial

Other features

Active Censor – intuitively control the new Active Censor feature in rekordbox dj. Set in and out points and apply Reverse Roll, Trans, Echo or Vinyl Brake FX to disguise explicit words in tracks. The FX will then be heard whenever the track is played from rekordbox dj
Three bundled licence keys – comes with licence keys for rekordbox dj, rekordbox dvs and rekordbox video
Newly developed crossfader – highly durable and capable of over 10 million movements
OSC sampler – four oscillator sounds
Dual USB port – for smooth transitions between DJs
Brushed aluminium faceplate – high quality and professional design
P-Lock fader cap – locks fader knobs to prevent dropping